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#METU at the TUC

Sisters at the TUC were supporting the MeTU motion.

Sarah Woolley

Fliss Premru

In the last three years, sisters, including those in the growing #MeTU campaign, have had considerable victories in exposing the sexual harassment and bullying in our movement. This was reflected in the motions and discussions at Women's TUC 2023, which will be again at Congress.

But where are we up to with a strategy to reclaim the movement? How do we get rid of misogyny and inequality and make ourselves a truly fighting fit force for change?

SPEAKERS: Sarah Woolley (General Secretary BFAW), Deeba Syed (Rights of Women), Nikki Pound (TUC Women's Policy Officer), Fliss Premru (MeTU/TSSA), Jo Grady (UCU) invited

- and Trade Union officials and leaders invited.

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