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Claire's  testimony

Claire Laycock testimony

Claire Laycock, a former TSSA organiser, detailed her allegations of sexual assault and harassment by the TSSA general secretary, Manuel Cortes, allegations of further sexual harassment, collusion and bullying by other senior TSSA officers, and an allegation of a serious sexual assault when she worked for the GMB previously.


TSSA union denied everything in an appalling response, which you can read at the end of the video (from 16 min 17sec), immediately sought an injunction against Claire for breaking her Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and to silence her against Reel News to get the video taken down, and threatened defamation proceedings against both.


However, women started getting in contact with allegations of further sexual assaults by Manuel Cortes alongside NDAs preventing them from speaking, and there was testimony by former Assistant General Secretary John Page; allegations of misogyny and sexism from TSSA senior officials witnessed or experienced by people outside the TSSA, allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assaults in other unions, and even more disturbingly, allegations of rape.

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