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We are calling on all those involved in the trade union movement to support the #meTU campaign and actively challenge and confront sexual harassment, bullying and sexism, in the trade union movement and its structures.

Women's TUC 2023

Lots of support at the TUC. Paul Nowak the new General Secretary of the TUC has made a clear commitment to tackling and preventing sexual harassment and the cultures that enable it, as well as building a diverse and inclusive movement. 

#MeTU welcomes this commitment.


Fringe meeting TUC

A great meeting today. I think we planted a few seeds. At the end of the meeting one sister from the floor said "it's not enough for us to come to this meeting and then do nothing, we must report  back to our branches to everyone and move forward together" ✊

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Tolpuddle 2022

Sarah Woolley BFAWU spoke at the Challenges for Women Leaders meeting "the elephant in the room...the bullying, sexual harassment and violence in the movement that no-one wants to tackle head on", the slurs and underlying misogynistic culture which puts women off standing for positions, and by its' nature fails all members; the need for transformation change.

meTU at Tolpuddle July22 Jill with Corbyn.JPG
meTU Tolpuddle July 11.JPG

TUC 2022

#MeTU had a strong presence at the TUC in Brighton, as sisters continue their struggles to purge the labour movement of predators and enablers of sexual harassment and abuse.

meTU NASUWT Congress Brighton Oct 22.png
meTU NEU Solidarity TUC Congress Brighton12 10 22.jpg
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