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We are a grassroots campaign

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#MeTU is a grassroots movement of sisters fighting against sexism, bullying and sexual harassment in trade unions and the Labour movement for the transformational change we need.

We are committed to fighting back to end this plague on our movement so that our sisters and those affected by gender-based violence can be safe and thrive to improve the world for workers.

#MeTU women are a group of women and non-binary survivors, and supporters of survivors of sexual violence, misogyny and harassment in the trade union movement.

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Join us in demanding

That independent and transparent inquiries are conducted into structural sexism, harassment and bullying, similar to the Monaghan report, including collusion and complicity by staff employed by unions;

Drop the use of NDA's to silence women victims of sexual harassment, and other cases which would normally merit whistleblowing and commit to justice for all those previously silenced by NDAs:

Commit to training in conjunction with survivors and women's groups or all staff and reps and members;

Adopt the sisters to the Front Sexual Violence Charter and make an action plan for transformative change and democracy in our unions.

Enable motions and #MeTU fringe meetings at all conferences.

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#meTU launch film

Sexual harassment and violence in the trade union movement

(2 minute version)

Sexual harassment and violence in the trade union movement

(17 minute version)

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